Piper Sandler & Co.

800 Nicollet Mall, J12NPF
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402

Phone:  612-303-6000
Fax:  612-303-6966
Website:  www.pipersandler.com

Piper Sandler & Co.


Contact Information


Public Finance Services

Jordan Carey Analyst
Phone: (612)303-6872
Email: Jordan.Carey@psc.com

Hanna Degen Analyst
Email: Hanna.Degen@psc.com

Luke Donnelly Analyst
Email: Luke.Donnelly@psc.com

Francis Fairman Head of Public Finance Services
Phone: (612)303-6657
Email: Frank.Fairman@psc.com

Jeremy Gerber Senior Vice President
Phone: (612) 303-6656
Email: Jeremy.Gerber@psc.com

Nicholas Hagen Managing Director
Email: Nicholas.Hagen@psc.com

John Henningsgard Managing Director
Email: John.Henningsgard@psc.com

Jay Hromatka Managing Director
Phone: (612) 303-1776
Email: Jay.Hromatka@psc.com

Melanie (Lien) Johnson* Managing Director
Phone: (612)303-6724
Email: Melanie.Johnson@psc.com

Frank Kaul Assistant Vice President
Email: Francis.Kaul@psc.com

Keith Kleven Managing Director
Phone: (612)303-6508
Email: Keith.Kleven@psc.com

Tom LaFleur Managing Director
Phone: (312)267-5022
Email: Thomas.LaFleur@psc.com

Mickey Mendoza Assistant Vice President
Phone: (612)303-6216
Email: Mickey.Mendoza@psc.com

Wes Olson Vice President
Phone: (612)303-6618
Email: Wesley.Olson@psc.com

Wendy Smith Senior Vice President
Phone: (612)303-6609
Email: Wendy.Smith@psc.com

Anna Starks Analyst
Phone: (612)303-6670
Email: Anna.Starks@psc.com

Jennifer Wade Senior Vice President
Phone: (612)303-6261
Email: Jennifer.Wade@psc.com

Nick Williams Analyst
Phone: (612)303-6427
Email: Nick.Williams@psc.com

Bradley Wirt Managing Director
Phone: (612)303-6704
Email: Bradley.Wirt@psc.com


Fixed Income Services

John Miller Co-Head of Fixed Income Services
Phone: (913)345-3361
Email: John.Miller@psc.com


Municipal Underwriting and Trading

Joanna Brody Managing Director,
Head of Short-Term Desk

Phone: (212)284-9421
Email: joanna.brody@psc.com

Stephen A. Cavalier Managing Director,
Head of Competitive Underwriting

Phone: (612)303-8235
Email: stephen.cavalier@psc.com

Darci L. Doneff Managing Director,
Head of Bank Qualified Trading/Underwriting

Phone: (612) 303-6666
Email: darci.doneff@psc.com

Kyle Javes Managing Director Co-Head,
High Yield/Structrued Products

Phone: (612)303-0643
Email: Kyle.Javes@psc.com


* General Contact